Why do I go on road trips?

The only types of trips I can take are road trips. They  allow me to have a rest area (my bed) available wherever and whenever I go. I developed the inside of my van to fit my condition. The back seats are pulled out and I added a bed with lots of pillows to sleep in. Whenever I feel weak or tired I can retreat to my van and get some rest without needing to go all the back to a hotel. This is the method I have found that allows me to travel and enjoy my life without letting my CFS/ME control my life. I’ve gone on a few road trips and I’ll start posting all of them soon. Here is my latest trip 🙂

Now…. How did I do enjoy my trips while having CFS?

I sleep… ALOT.  When I’m not out exploring nature or the city, I am asleep. Yes, of course I getI was tired throughout the entire trip but for several hours at a time I am able to just enjoy my life and then go to sleep once I am exerted. I make sure I keep up with meditating (as you can see from my photo). I find this to be very helpful to better understand when I am read.

My Trip from Salt Lake City to Vancouver!

This has by far been my favorite trip. My sister and I started in Utah (our home) and then traveled through Idaho to British Columbia where we went along the coast until we hit Vancouver. I loved seeing so much nature!

it is so calming seeing the big trees pass by with the window down and cool woodsy air gently hitting my face. The Idaho fields seemed like they were straight out of a scene a movie. To anyone going to Canada, you HAVE to stop by the swaying bridges. They are absolutely stunning! Plus the italian food is delish!! I would definitely eat the entire restaurant if I could.